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If you are planning or considering knee replacement surgery, then you’ve come to the right place. Watch this brief video to learn more about who we are and our mission to provide those considering knee replacement surgery with knowledge and confidence.

About the Doctors

Dr. Luke Pedersen,

Dr. Luke Pedersen, PT, DPT, CSCS is a physical therapist in Lancaster, PA. He works with the geriatric population in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. He graduated from Stony Brook University Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program in 2017. While in school, Luke achieved membership into the Alpha Eta National Honor Society for Allied Health Professionals and received the Graduate Honor Award for achieving the highest overall GPA out of all Stony Brook School of Health Technology and Management students.

Through clinical-internships and work experiences, Dr. Pedersen has valuable experience in a wide variety of physical therapy settings including skilled nursing, sub-acute rehabilitation, neurological outpatient, vestibular outpatient, a concussion clinic, and orthopedic outpatient. Although Dr. Pedersen’s true love is orthopedic and sports physical therapy, he has gained valuable experience and confidence providing high quality, evidence-based treatment for a wide variety of diagnoses and patients. This includes helping numerous individuals rehab from their knee replacement surgeries and effectively helping them return to all the activities they enjoy.

Dr. Jordan Pedersen,

Dr. Jordan Pedersen, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, cert. MDT is an orthopedic physical therapist working at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center in St. Lawrence County, NY. He is an active member of the hospital’s Joint Replacement Program. This program takes prospective knee and hip replacement patients and provides them with onsite education for their upcoming surgery.

Dr. Jordan has work experience in a variety of settings including outpatient orthopedics, acute care, sub-acute rehab, and home health physical therapy. He has advanced certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, also known as the McKenzie Method. This program is a highly researched, exercise-based approach of assessment and treatment, which uses a thorough and clinically reasoned evaluation of patients.

Additionally, Dr. Jordan is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT). This is a national organization committed to excellence in Manual Physical Therapy practice, through utilizing the most up-to-date evidence in the field. Currently, less than 1% of physical therapists in the US have obtained fellow status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Knee Replacement Therapists?

The Knee Replacement Therapists is an informational and educational website for individuals planning or considering joint replacement surgery. The website was created by two physical therapists who endeavor to create material that is thorough, organized, easy to follow, and evidence-based.

Can’t I find all this information on the internet already?

Yes, and no. Sure, if you do enough searching you probably will be able to find all the information that we present on our website in one form or another. However, we believe that our material has multiple benefits that you may not receive with just performing a simple google search.

  • First, all the information on our website comes straight from licensed orthopedic physical therapists who work with joint replacement patients every day, so you know you can trust the information.
  • Second, our material encompasses all aspects of your joint replacement journey from preparation before surgery all the way through until your discharge from physical therapy after the surgery.
  • All our information is presented in short easy to follow video series that utilize multiple learning styles. Additionally, you can pause, rewind, and view all the material as many times as you wish.

What other information is provided besides the video programs?

  • Our blog discusses a wide variety of topics related to joint replacement surgery and rehab
  • We are always constantly working on new material every day.
  • Check out our vlog Knee to Know on Youtube and be sure to subscribe!
  • Join our popular support group and check out our other social media platforms

Can I use the information in the Knee Replacement Therapists Programs in place of going to physical therapy?

No, all the material we present is for informational purposes and as a supplement to the education and services you will receive through your healthcare professionals as part of the joint replacement process. We strongly encourage you to attend all meetings and appointments prior to and after your surgery. Every person is different. For this reason, any advice or instructions from the healthcare professionals you work with in person should take precedence over information presented by The Knee Replacement Therapists, if discrepancies arise.

What is the benefit of The Knee Replacement Therapists’ Programs?

We strongly believe that by progressing through the entirety of the Knee Replacement Program you can significantly improve the likelihood of a positive outcome and recovery following your joint replacement surgery. You will be well informed of the entirety of the joint replacement process leading to decreased anxieties and improved confidence throughout your entire journey. Additionally, you will be confident that joint replacement surgery is the appropriate choice for you based on our questions and self-assessments and you will be optimally prepared physically and mentally leading into your surgery.

Why the cost for the Programs?

The Knee Replacement Therapists dedicated a lot of time and effort to put these great resources together. We truly believe that if watched in their entirety, the Programs will pay for themselves. Even if you have insurance, you joint replacement process likely isn’t free. There are deductibles, copays, and/or coinsurances to consider. There is also the cost of your time and money for every meeting and appointment you attend. By being informed and knowledgeable you should be able to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole joint replacement process. You can also decrease the likelihood of re-admittance or increased medical appointments due to complications or delayed progress because you will better know how to prevent these negative outcomes.

  • The Programs will help you determine if you should consider conservative treatment as a first option and possibly avoid the entire joint replacement process in the first place.
  • The Programs will improve your physical, mental, and environmental preparation before surgery and improve the likelihood of better and more efficient recovery after surgery.
  • The Programs will teach you everything to expect with your recovery after surgery and teach you all the common exercises to perform, providing another leg up as you begin your rehabilitation
  • The protocols and timelines will provide you with benchmarks and goals to shoot for to keep you positive and motivated throughout the whole process.


“The Knee Replacement Therapists guided me through each step of the knee replacement process from exercises and preparation before surgery all the way through the completion of physical therapy after the surgery. Their information and guidance relieved all my anxieties about getting a knee replacement. Everything turned out great and I am now back to doing the things I enjoy. Just last week I went on a 5 mile walk on the beach with absolutely no pain! Thank you Knee Replacement Therapists!”

Knee Replacement Recipient

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